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In North America, especially the USA, First Peoples have been mostly disappeared from news, public school curricula, social agencies policies and general awareness of most "Americans. There is a great need for education. We are dedicated to improving knowledge about the Peoples of Turtle Island and providing services to individuals and groups in counseling, genealogy, cultural and language restoration. Most of this is done free as many Indigenous persons  have limited resources. Also several informational guides are being developed.

We sell art in order keep doing this but it is just part of what is needed. Select the button above in the header to go to the page that describes some of the services we have been offering. Your contribution helps us make a difference.
PHOTO -  PR  doing a free  Workshop on arts in 1995. Many free programs and services have been provided over the past 30 years .  Any donations help us continue.  

Donations help our social and educational services

129 N West Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544  -- 219-781-8894 -- 

Sunrise Drum, Inc

129 N West Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544 


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